Dreaming Big Doesn’t Mean What We Think It Does

Water color painting by Daniel Merriam - High Tide moments journal Water color painting by Daniel Merriam – High Tide moments journal

Whenever I hear the words “Dream Big”, I automatically get images of people wanting to become a millionaire or the next Beyonce. These people usually tend to begrudge anyone who doesn’t wish to reach the same goals as them. I once told a friend that I wanted to be a writer, perhaps own a small online business and she seemed disappointed. She pretty much insisted that I turn my business ideas into multi-million dollar plans and couldn’t understand why those weren’t my dreams. After that, I became fearful about dreaming. Humans make life more difficult than it really is, and that the problems with the world come from people who only think about money. Consumerism has become a religion, and dreaming about money has now become as realistic as Santa Claus.

To dream big means that everyone should do…

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It’s in the Language

The language we teach our children do matter

It’s in the language that you groom them by

where you can tell, wether they will be success

or talk of  other’s success

Its in the language that they use

Its from the language where you can tell if they will talk of the changes the world need

Or be the change that the word need

It is in the language.


South African freedom and the striking language #FeesMustFall

South Africans are we really free?

Is the freedom of not learning in Afrikaans all we need?

Is the freedom of voting for our political leaders all we wanted?

Is the freedom of being mixed with all the other races all we desired?

Is having a black president all we wanted to witness?

Is all what we call freedom,

Is the language of strike the meaning of freedom to our lives?

Are we really free or democracy is just a discombombulating version of apartheid?

Well like neither of my parents im not that much involved or interested in politics

But after the massive #FeesMustFall strike,all the photos,videos,people’s opinions and fact on the issue

I got  a little bit worried,

Is this how the country will operate?

I asked myself,promises are made to the citizens,citizens vote for their leaders

But for the promices to be delivered,the only language is to stop the country(literally) and have a violent strike

Is this they way of the freedom life?

Well students did again #FeesHaveFallen

What does this mean? One post i read on facebook asked

Does it mean that the student who couldn’t afford university fees manage now that #FeesHaveFallen (no decrese just 0% increase)

#FeesHasFallen is it enough or not i wondered

Is violent strike the freedom language in the Country?

Are fallen fees enough for the citizens needs?

Is #FeesHaveFallen a thing to be happy about as a citizens?


Allow yourselves the privilege

Don’t Envy yourself that much

Take pride in yourself

Come together and be the women of power

Come together and build each other

For the women who build each other are the future

Our present is the future to the women of 1956


Their present was bitter

And they loved us much to give us their future to be our present

think about it #Women it doesn’t have to end there

Let’s hold each other

Let’s work together

Let’s build the present of the future women

Let’s build them a positive present


Let’s build them the present where abuse is not silenced but no more

Let’s them the present that knows no racism

Let’s build them the present that knows no xenophobia

Let’s build them the present where gender equality is the way of life

Let’s build them a peaceful present

Let’s build them a lovely present

Let’s build them a united present

Let’s build them a healthy present


Lets build them the present from which they shall manage to build the best future

which shall be a great present to the next generation

Let’s build our future… Their present

Let us because we can

Let us because we are African